Andrea Fronzetti Colladon

I am a university professor and a business advisor and coach. My research dives into the meaning of connections as a driver of value and intrepid innovation.



Unraveling the mysteries of human communication and social interaction.

I lead the Business and Collective Intelligence Lab at the University of Perugia and am part of the ICKN core team at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. My research team is inspired by wild and challenging ideas and strives to create a more just and promising world. We combine methods from network science, natural language processing and machine learning with theories from the social sciences, psychology, humanities and linguistics to advance knowledge and discovery about management and human behavior. I invented the Semantic Brand Score and we also specialize in brand and business analytics.

We work with colleagues from leading international institutions, such as the MIT, Northeastern University, Université du Québec à Montréal, ISTAT, ENEA, Mount Sinai Hospital (NY), Politecnico di Torino, Free University of Bozen, and many others.

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Teaching and Consulting

Workshops, educational programs, and mentoring. Deeply rooted in research.


Our teaching is the result of our daily research. We help you and your team be inspired, experience unique tools in a real-world environment, learn, get actionable results, and grow personally and professionally. We offer flexible and unique learing experiences, with specialized courses on:

  • Social Network Analysis and Text Mining
  • Business Management and Analytics
  • Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation Management
  • Problem Solving, Coaching and Change Management
  • Leadership and Business Strategy
  • Advertising and Strategic Marketing


My team supports the creation of meaning and partners with companies on their journey to success. Through coaching, we empower leaders and help them find new vision and direction.

Discovery not only happens in labs. Over the years, I have been inspired by great teams and organizations (profit and not for profit), working on projects for TIM, Genpact, Enel, Renault Italia, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sky Italia, GalaxyAdvisors, and Xield Partners (Panama), among others.

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